How Do I Replace A Car Antenna?

Your car antenna is more than a decoration. Without it, the radio can be turned off. There are generic substitutes, but it is usually better to buy a specific vehicle. It is better to buy a small inexpensive kit. They are about the size of a book and almost every tool you could ever need … Continue reading “How Do I Replace A Car Antenna?”

Your car antenna is more than a decoration. Without it, the radio can be turned off. There are generic substitutes, but it is usually better to buy a specific vehicle.

It is better to buy a small inexpensive kit. They are about the size of a book and almost every tool you could ever need for simple repairs. Keep this in your trunk so that it will always be within reach.

The connecting Most antennas, simply by screwing on the base. The part that is usually bent or broken is called the tree. Will have a space near the bottom, which is tailor-made for a key. Unscrew the old and replacing it with the new one. Turn snug but not too tight: it should be just enough so that it can be transformed with bare hands.

For more complex substitutions may be necessary in order to remove the base. Once the antenna is unscrewed look carefully at the lid to the base. Most will be solved with just a wiggle. Others have small screws must be removed.

When you remove the base, will have a cable coming from inside the car. In some cable is permanently attached. It is often made to easily broken. Enter the new base and mount it on the car. Then connect the antenna or mast.

If the antenna cable is permanently attached to the base, you must route the radio. Follow the path of the old. This may require the removal of certain panels of the dashboard. When you reach the radio, unplug the antenna cable old and insert the new one. Test the radio before it all together.

On older cars, cars with automatic antennas, the procedure is a bit ‘different. These types of antennas are typically applied with some, but limited access to the rear of the antenna assembly. usually be mounted on the top of the front or rear fender; There are often large appliances and spacers screw on the rear fender area. These devices can generally be tightened by hand. If the old man does not want to come off, you can use a large pair of channel lock pliers to loosen it.

An antenna automatically increases and decreases as you turn the radio on and off. I would replace this kind of antenna for professionals permit if you are not able to install a car radio.

Unlike the electrical connections, the procedure is virtually the same as above. The antenna or mast is replaceable on most models.

With a little ‘research and patience, you can enjoy the new radio.

How to Change Toyota Camry Automatic Transmission

Owning a vehicle such as a Toyota Camry certainly makes a lot of advantages for mobility and transport. But to continue to enjoy the benefits, you need to regularly maintain your vehicle. You do not want to be surprised how many problems that can cause irregular maintenance. Change the oil in the automatic transmission is one of the things you must do regularly to the Toyota Camry.

The easiest way is to leave to do a professional mechanic to work. E ‘can also do it yourself, especially if you have already attended a professional who does this. Even if you can do as long as you have the proper tools, the courage and know-how. The steps below will guide you on how to change the automatic transmission fluid in a Toyota Camry:

Drain the old fluid from the reservoir

Wipe out the pan and the surrounding areas first. Thereby preventing contamination of the pan caused by dirt. Remove the dipstick in the filler tube. Replace it with a funnel. Prepare a container under the pan liquid. This will take the liquid after the removal of the drain plug. Once everything is set, you can now remove the drain pan liquid using a socket wrench. Let the old fluid drain and place can not get the cap on something dirty.

Remove the waste liquid of the vehicle

To do so, tighten the two screws diagonally. Take note of how much each bolt should go, as there are sets of bolts of different sizes. Before you remove the remaining two screws to hold grasp prepare for the pan. The pan can get some liquid in it, so, carefully remove it can leak out of the vehicle or the liquid. Set the pan, preferably a clean place.

Remove the other parts of the transmission

Remove by pulling the valve body are strings. Remove the screws holding the air cleaner, too. Again, note that each bolt should go. Discard the gasket and remove any remaining debris on the valve body. Pay close attention to this step, because the body of the exhaust valve maybe a certain amount of liquid.

Clean the magnet, which is located at the bottom of the pan fluid.

Remove any magnets and clean the metal shavings that are connected to them.

Drain transmission fluid from the pan smoother.

Use a carpet cleaner to remove excess liquid. Consider throw the gasket if it is too old. Scrape more material of the transmission in order to make it better clean. Once the excess liquid has completely disappeared, the liquid let pan to air dry.

Assemble everything you’ve deleted.

Attach the parts removed earlier and replace those parts that must be replaced if the seal magnets. This will prepare the transfer of a new range of automatic transmission fluid.

Use to add the dipstick tube to new supply of automatic transmission fluid.

Contact Us to learn the manual of the vehicle to the recommended oil, and how much. The rod has a guide that indicates to what extent should go liquid.

The Toyota Camry has changed its smooth automatic transmission. But you can not drive yet. Operate the vehicle and stay for a few minutes. Check the dipstick and check whether the amount of liquid is still within the recommended level. Add more water if necessary.